What is Online Backup?

Raycon’s Online Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service (BCS) provides onsite backup appliances which utilise snapshot technology to continually backup all data drives on all physical and virtual Windows servers including Storage Area Network (SAN) data.  All data is automatically encrypted and sent via Virtual Private Network (VPN) internet links to our secure remote storage facility located within geographically distinct UK based datacentres.

Raycon’s Backup Service is operational 24 / 7  and managed by a team of backup, recovery and virtualisation experts, who can perform simple file restores, server virtualisation or, upon request, invoke a full Business Continuity Service (BCS) recovery.

How does the archival work?

An initial full base image is taken when we first implement the system and then incremental images are held to allow for granular recovery to various points in time. On an annual basis we re-seed your servers automatically to allow us to restart the incremental copies. This practice drastically improves the speed of server virtualisation in the event of a disaster.

How often is my data backed up?

After performing the first full backup we set-up your appliance to typically perform snapshots of your data every 15 minutes. However in certain circumstances and in consultation with each client we sometimes recommend less frequent incremental backups, or alternatively we only snapshot during operational times, i.e. when a server has exceptionally high transactional loads.

Are there any charges for file restores?

There are no additional charges for file restores, mailbox recovery or server restoration.

How long does the daily offsite copying take?

We have multipath high speed datacentre network links and the time taken will be dependent on your own internet connection.

Where is my data held?

Our datacentres, for offsite storage, are located at: