Hosted Services

At Raycon we are able to provide a wide range of remotely hosted products

The current trend for IT is for technology to be offered as a service, especially for businesses who do not want the problems associated with running IT services on their own premises.  At Raycon we are able to provide a wide range of remotely hosted products to meet this need. Descriptions of these services are provided below.


Colocation (also referred to as Colo) is a service that locates your equipment in an external equipment room.  This equipment room is managed and maintained by an independent company. However, the IT equipment still remains yours.  The need for Colo services can come about due to lack of equipment-room space or to save on the capital cost and complexity of your own data centre.  We can offer a number of choices in different locations to provide Colocation Services.

Domain Hosting

Raycon are able to relieve you of all the problems associated with the myriad of processes required to obtain, host, protect and renew your internet domain or domains.

Office 365

This Microsoft ‘Cloud’ version of the popular and standard Office suite of programs can work from virtually anywhere that an internet connection can be made.  Using the familiar Office applications interface you already know, you can now use it across all your favourite devices—PCs, Macs and mobile devices too.

Voice Over IP

The Raycon Hosted VoIP Service is a sophisticated business telephone system delivered over the Internet offering a broad range of benefits many of which are not offered by traditional fixed line solutions.

Web Hosting

The most common form of Web Hosting relates to a company’s website being installed and managed by ourselves at a data centre, with good connectivity to the internet. The level of response speed, the number of ‘hits’ per day, and the overall performance of the website will depend on the size of the customer base and internet audience that the business wishes to attract.