IT Support

Raycon have developed a portfolio of flexible IT support services

Raycon have developed a portfolio of flexible IT support services to address the needs of corporate and small businesses.

To download a leaflet featuring our ‘break-fix’ IT support services:

Our portfolio offers the highest level of IT support to customers by leveraging current and emerging technologies.  Our four distinctive services ensure that critical server, desktop and network applications are up and running for as much of the time as possible.

The benefit of the Raycon support package is twofold:

The customer’s IT department needs no longer to spend time supporting day-to-day user issues, instead allowing the IT department to concentrate on developing their networks and actively improving IT services – rather than just trouble-shooting.

Both IT and general staff will no longer need to spend time on the telephone with external support specialists troubleshooting software issues. This will empower general staff to concentrate on the core business.

Support Services

Raycon provide a wide range of IT services, both on site and remotely, for a large range of IT products (also see our Accreditations Page).  These service specialities comprise of consultancy advice, project management, installation and cost management.

See a list of our principal support services here.

Technologies Suported

The technologies we support are wide ranging and include such areas as:

For a list of technologies we actively support: